the wild atlantic way is calling, and i must go.

Good morning friends!

I have news.

I’m going to Europe. In 32 days 9 hours 6 minutes and 35 seconds. But who’s counting?

The reason: meeting my beau’s family at his mother’s wedding in Germany. And the cherry on top of the cake: We are lucky enough to spend time in the wild Irish countryside of my forebears. I’m so excited I could pee.

But before a big trip, a slow but steady panic descends until I am suddenly drowning. I have a vision in my mind of how I want to look while on my trip. I need the perfect hiking boots, a feminine but utilitarian outfit for every sport, cutesy outfits for village strolling…

But you know what? It’s all a lie.

As I tried on this beautiful down jacket in the mall yesterday, I imagined how good I would look hiking in the rugged hills of the Burren. I thought, these will match my hiking boots! And thinking myself clever for mentally putting a fashionable outfit together: not one of my strong suits. But behind the distraction of Eddie Bauer’s beautifully curated display, I couldn’t shake the feeling that buying it would be a betrayal of the lifestyle I’ve been working towards.

Because the truth is, the Burren doesn’t have a dress code.

Here is a montage of my last trip to Europe:

What to pack for Europe

Do you see much difference in outfits? Nope. I even bought RED PANTS for this trip… Red pants!!! Sounds a lot cooler than it was. For all the Wardrobe Tetris I did before this trip… the only thing you see is the green field jacket that I didn’t even pack: I bought it in London on one of the first days because I only brought a faux leather jacket that was not warm enough for the climate.

I’ve decided to write my plan for my trip preparations down here to keep myself accountable and to reel myself back in when I start to feel the pull of outside influences.

  1. Shop my closet first.
  2. Bring clothes I would wear in my non-vacationing life. What a novel idea. I’m not sure where the idea comes from that I need to be someone else when I travel. If I’m a hot mess of mix-matched plaid at home, Imma be a mix-matched mess of plaid in Europe.
  3. Focus on the trip planning, not the wardrobe planning. 
  4. Practice mantras through prayer. God provides for His children: I have enough. I am enough.
  5. Write it all down. 
  6. Have fun!!!

What to pack for Ireland



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