A World of Octobers

Simplifying; Tidying; October; Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up; Minimalism; Minimalist

It is October, my favorite month of the year.

The autumn air’s crisp chill carries a sense of expectant, vibrant, and electric possibility, and yet somehow, also carries with it a gentle feeling of slowing down. Like a maple tree, I too feel something within me slowing down as the leaves begin to change. I go deeper into myself and watch as my true colors start to show.

I want to drink, savor, and revel in every day of October. I want to burst through the front door with leaves in my hair and rosy colored cheeks, not realizing how cold my skin was until I am met with the warmth of the indoors. I love that feeling.

Something about October reminds me of being a child again, and each year, I welcome it with open arms. It’s as if my soul lets out a long sigh and says, “Ah, there you are, old friend. Welcome back.”

Simplification, A World of Octobers, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

My sisters and I on a beautiful October day. So much bangs. 

I don’t know what it is about October and the fall season, but I am always inspired to shed the excess. Excess to-do’s, excess negative energy, excess negative self talk, excess things (and we have so many things, don’t we?)… I just want to focus on being, not doing. Sometimes it feels a little counterculture to be shifting my focus in this way while the world around me is taking one last giant gulp of air, bracing itself for the holiday season and the “busyness” we in the First World have turned it into.

This month, I am revisiting my Tidying Project I started October 19, 2015. I feel like I am finally about to reach the “click point” Marie Kondo talks about in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I don’t care what you’ve heard, this book DID change my life. And the next series of blog posts will prove it.

I am looking forward to sharing this season of transformation with you. I hope you enjoy the next few blog posts, my hope is that they help and inspire us both.

October is about trees revealing colors they’ve hidden all year.

People have an october as well.

~ J.M. Storm

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  1. This is my favorite of all your posts Arie. They’re such an all-around good experience and packed with raw truths that others may never discuss openly. I’m officially impressed and craving more.

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