A Weekend in Lexington

A weekend in Lexington Kentucky

Good morning y’all!

It was a blustery Michigan day in March when I booked a trip for Memorial Day Weekend in Lexington (KY).  I enlisted a fellow adventurer, my friend Lianne, and we began our journey like all good roadtrips: at Sweetwaters for delicious almond milk lattes. Our car packed with yummy and #ToneItUpApproved snacks (Blueberry oat bars, bananas, trail mix, Perfect Fit protein, walnuts, and other goodies) and now with an ample amount of caffeine, we were ready to take on the day of driving. We Googled the directions: it was 3 lines long. Basically: Go south. Get off exit. Go straight until boom, we’ve arrived. Seemed simple enough…

It’s safe to say that while I was already in love with Kentucky (e.g. Louisville, Lake Cumberland, Mammoth Cave) before this trip, after a long weekend in Lexington, it still ranks high on my list of favorite weekend getaway locations. It’s easy to get to, affordable, relatively safe (I say “relatively” because after all, I am an outsider, what do I know? But I always feel safe, for what it’s worth!), and you just can’t beat that southern charm.

It’s hard not to love a place that has my two favorite things: Horses and bourbon. What more do you need? I learned the reason that 95% of the world’s bourbon and many of the world’s most famous horses come from the central region of Kentucky is due to the Cincinnati Arch – a geological formation that brings Ordovician rocks to the surface – essentially, prehistoric seafloor fossils rich in calcium – as well as Devonian limestone. The calcium and limestone seep into the ground water and wa-la, you have mineral-rich water that makes delicious bourbon and the horses big & strong (how I’d describe it to my nephews, sorry not sorry). Bet you didn’t expect I’d get historical up in here.

This slideshow summarizes our trip and our favorite hotspots of Lexington:


There were a few places on our list we didn’t quite make it to, but I’m keeping them here for my next visit!: West 6th Brewery, A Cup of Commonwealth, Blue Stallion Brewery, Middle Fork, and Blue Door BBQ.

If you ever find yourself in need of a weekend away, I highly recommend Lexington as a place to relax, take in the bourbon– I mean sights, and enjoy the country roads amidst the beautiful horse farms (although watch out for bikers!). Our tour guide informed us that the roads were originally made for horse & buggies – and it shows. The roads are narrow and winding, so if you plan on doing any sort of Bourbon Trail, a guided (and chauffeured) tour would definitely be the way to go. I would love to go back in the fall, I can only imagine the beauty of the autumn leaves against the white picket fences on the rolling hills of horse farms… <3

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