A Dying Ember: New Years Burnout

Good afternoon y'all! I know, not my regular posting schedule. And how is it January 17th and this is my first post in the New Year? Well, life. By January 15th, 75% of Americans have failed to uphold their New Years Resolutions. It's January 17th, and can I be honest? I'm burned out. Am I part of the 75%? I'm teetering on the edge. But here's what I propose: just keep going. By December 31st, my pent up "do better this year" energy is just … [Continue reading...]


Goodnight 2016, Hello 2017

Good morning friends! It is quite possibly my favorite time of year: the end of it ? In all seriousness, I love taking some time to review the highlights of the past year, set goals for the upcoming year, and just take a moment to reflect on my life in general. 2016 felt like a life-changing year for me. It definitely had its ups and downs, but I find myself finally starting to reap the benefits of the hard work I've been putting in on my … [Continue reading...]


It’s the Most… Wonderful? Time of the Year

Good morning dear friends! Christmas is fast-approaching, and the frenzy of the season is upon us. I admit that despite my best efforts, periodically I find myself caught up in it. Scurrying about stores, nearly colliding with too many vehicles to count in busy parking lots (seriously thinking about investing in a horse and sleigh – I can barely move in a parking lot without almost hitting a car or person, stresssssful), waiting in long lines, … [Continue reading...]


Two Science Terms That Will Help You Change the World

Good morning friends! Today, I write to you from a hotel somewhere in Silicon Valley. I'm here for a number of reasons, all work-related. These weeks are always stretching, as it requires long hours, (seemingly) 24/7 networking and communicating with other scientists, and little sleep. Somehow, despite my normal need for 8-9 hours-or-I'm-crabby, I always look forward to these weeks of learning what the rest of the scientific community is doing … [Continue reading...]


The White Envelope

As told by Nancy W. Gavin. It’s just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past ten years or so. It all began because my husband Mike hated Christmas–oh, not the true meaning of Christmas, but the commercial aspects of it–overspending… the frantic running around at the last minute to get a tie for Uncle … [Continue reading...]


How to Be Waste Aware This Holiday Season

How to be waste aware this holiday season

Good morning! Today, I want to write a little bit about my endeavor to reduce the refuse leaving my condo in the form of food waste, plastic, glass, and just general trash. I began my quest to reduce my own wastefulness beginning with food in 2015 and more recently with general refuse in August 2016. Taking out the trash is probably my least favorite household chore, even though my trash receptacle is literally 50 feet from my doorstep. I’m … [Continue reading...]


How To Stop Junk Mail

Good morning friends! Wouldn't it be nice if every email or envelope delivered to your mailbox was an actual letter? One you wanted to read? Personally, I'd appreciate it even more if every message was delivered to me by Pony Express, carrier pigeon, or owl. Mostly the owl though. Whatever happened to telegrams? I digress... This week I finished up a task I began earlier this year: decluttering my inbox, both virtual and physical. … [Continue reading...]


Why I Got Rid of 70% of My Belongings

Good morning friends! Full disclosure: this post turned out way longer than I planned. I had originally intended to break up my journey with the tidying process into many blog posts, but I find I have so many things I want to write and share with you that I am wrapping up my tidying series in one blog post. Here it is. I have finished the KonMari method and I think I ended up donating 10-12 Jetta-fulls of stuff. “Jetta-full” is my new … [Continue reading...]


September Spending: How I Saved $560 in One Month

How to Save Money; How I saved $560 in One Month

Good morning friends! Ouch. The “money” topic. Is it taboo to talk about? My parents instilled in us that "money talk" was not polite conversation (which I think is sometimes a good practice – I definitely don’t enjoy being asked point blank, “How much money do you make?”), but this is my blog and I #dowhatIwant so that’s what we’re chatting about today. I like this exercise: Grab a pencil and paper and answer the following question in … [Continue reading...]


Is There Life After Shopping?

Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Review

About two years ago, I came face to face with a realization about myself that triggered some serious soul searching. As I was trolling an equestrian website for winter riding boots for probably the 50th time that week, a question popped up in my mind: Can I go one day without buying something online? Could I stop, if I wanted to? I let the thought pass as quickly as it came: It's fine, I'm fine. I'm not in any serious debt like you see on TV or … [Continue reading...]