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Data Dump: Letting Myself Be (Empty)

Good morning friends! I apologize for having somewhat of an irregular blog-posting schedule. I’m going to try to get back to weekly Tuesdays, eventually… Recently, I purchased an Apple Watch. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, and I must say, I do adore this little piece of technology. I love that it… [Read More]


Why Self Awareness Is Crucial In Designing The Life You Want

I want to explore something with you. Do you have a strong sense of self? Do you know your likes, dislikes? Do you make decisions with confidence and security? Do you feel stretched thin and unable to be confident in your decisions, especially when it’s a decision to say “no” to a social obligation, a request from a family member or friend, etc? And now be honest, in your mind, did you hesitate when answering these questions?


Has It All Been Done Before? Unlocking Your Creative Genius

Do you ever feel like “it’s all been done before”? Do you have an idea trapped inside of you that longs to be expressed, yet you can’t seem to pull the trigger because what’s the point? Someone else has already done it, and they’ve probably done it better. Right?

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