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8 Unexpected Life Lessons I Learned From Horses

Hey friends! I didn’t necessarily grow up with horses – I bought my first horse in high school – but I did grow up with a fascination with them. When I was 14, I used all my savings to buy my first horse – a Quarter Horse/Appaloosa (I call him a Quappy) named Bailey. 8… [Read More]


For The Days You Don’t Want To Make Your Bed… Or Maybe Even Get Out Of It

Good morning! I don’t know about you, but probably the #1 thing I love about being a grownup is not having to make my bed. Because I’m just going to get back in it later…right? And honestly, some days I don’t really want to get out of it (hello every Wednes(#Hump)day, you feel me?). But then… [Read More]


Cultivating Contentment

Good morning! There’s a Modest Mouse song that has always struck a chord in me from the first time I heard it. Isaac Brock sings, “Other peoples’ lives seem more interesting ‘cause they ain’t mine.” Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook only to be left a little wistful, maybe even a little disappointed… [Read More]


A Weekend in Lexington

Good morning y’all! It was a blustery Michigan day in March when I booked a trip for Memorial Day Weekend in Lexington (KY).  I enlisted a fellow adventurer, my friend Lianne, and we began our journey like all good roadtrips: at Sweetwaters for delicious almond milk lattes. Our car packed with yummy and #ToneItUpApproved snacks… [Read More]


Finding Simplicity

Hey friends! It’s amazing to me that despite my most valiant efforts to simplify my life, after going through the KonMari method of tidying, experiencing real (material) poverty in the basurero of Mexico City, and all my other endeavors on this quest, I still struggle with keeping things simple. I know that there will never come… [Read More]

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