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Decision Fatigue: The Struggle is Real

Good morning! Wow, is anyone else feeling like summer craziness has already set in? I definitely do. The first wedding of the season has already happened, it’s report month at work, but I’m super excited because my next adventure is on the horizon: Memorial Day in Lexington! One thing that has been on my mind is:… [Read More]


A Moment of Prose

Good morning y’all! Well, I’m afraid the postdrome stage of my migraine left me braindead in its wake last week. As a result, today I’m sharing with you a little snippet of prose I wrote. Enjoy 🙂 I am sitting on a floating dock on a pond before a dam. The sky is glowing golden… [Read More]


Suffering in Silence

Hi friends! Today’s post got real. It’s rough around the edges and a little raw. If I am honest, I really didn’t want to share this, but I am putting on my big girl pants. Here goes: It’s somewhere around 8:30 in the morning on a beautiful spring day. I’m attending Sunday mass with my family,… [Read More]


How Morning “Me Time” Could Change Your Life

Good morning! How do you feel first thing in the morning? Tired? Energized? Anxious? Now let me ask you this… how do you want to feel? I am totally guilty of being the person that checks her phone before even leaving my bed. At this point, it’s probably just muscle memory reflex: alarm goes off,… [Read More]

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