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The Season of Waiting

Welcome! Today on Her Free Spirit, Helena Heffernan shares her thoughts on finding strength and using our time of waiting wisely: If you are single and frustrated that you still have not found Mr. Right, you are not alone.  I am a single, 30-year-old woman who has wasted so much time being bitter and frustrated… [Read More]


MAY CHALLENGE – 30 Days Of New Places And Experiences

Hey there! For the month of May, I have decided to challenge myself by going somewhere completely new every. Single. Day. It’s scary, even to me. Will I run out of steam? What if my plans fall through? How will I handle it for thirty whole days? What if no one wants to go places… [Read More]


Do you listen to your body? What your aches & pains may be trying to tell you

Hi friends! So I have a revelation I need to share with you. Apologies in advance, this post got quite long! In the Fall of 2014, I injured my back and shoulder during a freak “living my life as I normally would” accident. I’m sure some of you can relate. For the last two years,… [Read More]


Learning Guitar

Hey y’all! Here is my first documentation (and vlog?!) of one of my journeys: learning guitar. I’ve owned this little guitar since highschool, but I’ve never really (seriously) taken the time to learn how to play it. I know a few chords, and essentially one strum pattern. I get bored easily playing the same song over… [Read More]


One Hundred Life Goals

Hi friends! For a while now, I’ve been highly attuned to lists of goals. Not just any goals: life goals. What? Life goals? But those sound scary! What if I can’t complete them? What if I’m discouraged because I set a goal I know I can’t achieve? Sound familiar? Maybe not, in which case, please accept… [Read More]


Introductory Post – Welcome!

Hello! My name is Arie. I am 26 years old, working in the Midwest as an oceanographer/engineer hybrid by day, blogger enthusiast by night. My life most days is pretty lackluster – you’ll find me grinding that 8 to 5, enjoying hot yoga in my favorite local sanctuary, visiting with friends and family, running errands,… [Read More]

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