Goodbye Her Free Spirit

This blogpost is long overdue. I have decided to close down my blog, Her Free Spirit. It takes time and resources to maintain and it is no secret I haven’t found time to blog regularly in quite a long time. Still, it’s bittersweet.

When I started HFS, I was looking for an outlet to hold myself accountable to achieving life goals. If I’m honest with myself, I think I was preparing the ground for it to turn into a travel blog while living abroad somewhere in Europe. I was single, and I prayed and prayed for my future husband. In prayer, I sensed my husband was not here (in the States) and that he was not American. After receiving these words, I was able to lay the deepest desires of my heart aside and channel all that energy into forging a path into a new life on the other side of the Atlantic. A place I was sure to find my husband.

It wasn’t long until I realized that my “forging” was actually “forcing.”

While I was dreaming of a life more exotic than my own, I slowly learned that God had other plans for me.

2016 was a year of growth for me. I learned how to open myself up and surrender what I thought was best for me to trusting in God’s Providence, even though I am not the world’s most patient person. In December 2016, I met who would become my fiancé and my life was changed as I know it.

In 2017, my mantra, or guiding word, was “Love.” I had no idea how God would use that to fulfill His Promises. It turns out, my fiancé isn’t American, like God told me back in the fall of 2016, but I didn’t have to leave the country to find him. He was in the same town, and who knows how many times our paths have crossed without our knowing (we’ve already recounted a few times we almost were at the same place at the same time).

This year I’ve been humbled. I’ve learned that I actually don’t know s*** when it comes to relationships, despite my not-so-humble opinion that I have enough experience to write a book on it. I’ve learned that God is always sovereign, and that Love is always more important than being right.

I’ve also learned that relationships, platonic or romantic, take time. They take energy. You have to invest in them, treat them like a little seedling that needs water, sunlight, and good soil to take root in. It may sound cheesy, but that is the reason I haven’t found much time to blog. I journal when I find time, but I’ve been putting my energy and resources into other things. Things in the real world, not in this screen. I guess it just isn’t my season to build an online platform.

I’ve also realized that I love writing, but I don’t love oversharing. Despite what social media teachings tell us, the world actually doesn’t need to know your business. Close friends and family will know the details of your life, because they will ask about it. That’s all I will say on that.

Moving forward, I would like to use my time and talents to write both for myself and for other blogs where you can find my writing; right now that is Be Love Revolution, a ministry for young women that is doing great things in a world that so desperately needs it.

This blog, this space, was everything I needed it to be in a time I needed it. But as the leaves of summer come and go, it’s time for a new season.

Thank you for reading and being my listening ear, I appreciate you.

2018, I’m ready for you.


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